For those of you who would like to experience a little bit of PARADISE, or who would like to meet a lady up close and personal before enjoying all that she offers. Escape into the ambience of seductive lighting and scented candles with a selection of the finest oils.

We use non-scented quality oil or if you wish we can add a nice light scent to help you relax. Please let us know your preference, so it is pre-warmed for your arrival. You have the choice of - Lavender, Relaxation blend, Lemongrass or Orange.

Our music will sweep you away to the dreamiest of places, with a gorgeous woman using every part of her beautiful body to heighten the experience... now doesn't that sound like PARADISE?

Our Sensual Massage is about providing a full sensual experience - with no gimmicks. A shower before, the slow seductive build up, the skin on skin eroticism, gentle touching of her breasts and bottom, the alluring views in all our mirrors, the warmth of her hands all over you as she explores your erogenous zones, breath taking breast sweeps and scintillating body slides...all build up to one incredible climax

You will finish with a lovely warm towel wipe down, and offered a cool drink before you hop back in the shower and float back out into reality.... 


You are not alone if you enjoy a nice erotic prostate massage, or anal stimulation…  If you desire this special treat... do let us know when you are booking so we can provide you the ultimately trained lady for you.
Only extra $50


Imagine the pure ecstasy of two stunning naked oily goddesses and four hands teasing, pleasing and releasing all your pent up tension and stresses of real life.  

They flirt with each other playfully as they slide and glide their glistening bodies all over you.  You will ask yourself why you haven't treated yourself to this sooner! 


Back by popular demand!  The Paradise Double Trouble was created specifically with our solely Sensual Massage only ladies in mind and their adoring fans.  It gives them the opportunity to enjoy the dynamics of a full service booking from a voyeuristic angle - which is a super exciting prospect for any client who likes the idea of being watched by a gorgeous goddess, while in the throws of passion with another wondrous woman. 

The first half of the session is comprised of an electrifying two lady Sensual Massage, with all the steamy hot oil body-slides, breast sweeps and tender caresses our professionals are so well known for.  Then your heavenly full-service escort will lead you to the bed for some much more intimate action, while the SM only lady delights in the sights and sounds.  She will not be able to resist pleasuring herself in the lust of it all as she makes sure both you and she have the best view in the house! 

more than just a massage...


We don’t add on $30 for this or $30 for that, however if you wish, we can turn this into an hour complete with the teasing arousal of all that PARADISE Sensual Massage has to offer to get you relaxed with your motor running.  

Then let her lead you to the bed for some GFE style fun with french kissing, mutual oral, intimate touching, and a little bit of sexy time if you like... Just ask at the time of making your appointment. 


Inspired by our intensely popular Bells & Whistles sessions, Sugar & Spice is the next level in pure Paradise indulgence.  Whereas with Bells & Whistles you get to experience the titillation of a sexy Sensual Massage and GFE rolled into one blissful package, the Sugar & Spice session takes it up a naughty notch - combining Sensual Massage with a Porn Star experience. 


Envisage the breathless anticipation of the slow, sensual build up of a slippery, stirring SM... climbing to an explosively intense PSE finish with all the sex toys, dirty talk and other exhilarating treats to leave you quivering with deliciously dirty satisfaction. 


Imagine planning a romantic interlude with your favourite real life lady friend.  The anticipation within both of you as you approach Paradise will almost be too much to bare! You will be greeted by two stunning angels you both enjoyed choosing together, and led away to a gorgeous room all set up and ready to give you both one of the most erotic experiences you could ever dream of! 

Side by side you will be treated and teased, with your lady friend secure in the knowledge she gets to reap the rewards of your full arousal later when she gets you all to herself.  Maybe its your anniversary, her birthday, or the mood just took hold of you both. 

Couples massage is a fabulous, non intimidating way to introduce something different into your sex lives - without it being too much or too far.  

You both set the pace and decide on your joint desires here. Perhaps you want to learn how to sensually massage each other?  This can definitely bring you closer together - as you learn more deeply about each others
erogenous zones.  

Learn some exciting techniques you can take home and practice! Our ladies are excellent teachers, who do not judge and value the special connection you and your partner possess.  

They are merely there to open the door to a whole new world of exploration!

Who knows where it may lead...

For a small fee at the conclusion of your couples massage, we are able to offer you the room to yourselves for a while with a bottle of wine to help you to de-brief, or have some intimate time enjoying these new levels of arousal you have both experienced. 


NOTE • The terms - Double Trouble, Bells & Whistles and Sugar & Spice are unique
descriptors of services that are specific to Paradise Club. These terms are Copyright.




45 min        SENSUAL MASSAGE          $160

60 min        SENSUAL MASSAGE          $180

90 min        SENSUAL MASSAGE          $280

60 min        DOUBLE SM                       $380



60 min        BELLS & WHISTLES            $280

90 min       BELLS & WHISTLES          $420

60 min        VIP  BELLS & WHISTLES    $250


60 min        DOUBLE TROUBLE           $380

90 min        DOUBLE TROUBLE           $560



60 min        SUGAR & SPICE               $340

90 min        SUGAR & SPICE               $510

60 min        VIP  SUGAR & SPICE       $300



60 min       COUPLES SM + 1 LADY       $370

90 min       COUPLES SM + 1 LADY       $550

60 min    
  COUPLES SM + 2 LADIES     $720

90 min       COUPLES SM + 2 LADIES     $1080