From popular fetishes, to intense pain play. I am an expert at turning an outwardly masculine / in control man, to a begging, pleading little bitch dressed in pink frills and girly knickers, or a slinky negligee and lacey g-string.  Perhaps just a hood and nothing else.  Or my favourite... a collar and leash!

Maybe you like the idea of being interviewed for a new job and put through your paces by a confident and dominant CEO.  How far will you go to prove your worth to her company? Perhaps you are a mischievous school girl who needs to be taught a lesson by an evil and unforgiving Head Mistress?  Her disciplinary methods are both cruel and unusual!  

Are you a filthy slut who deserves nothing more than being anally violated, humiliated and spat on like the filthy waste of air that you are?   Or does the thought of a beautiful, sex crazed woman tying you up, teasing and tantalizing your every sense in ways you have only ever dreamed about make you weak at the knees?   

I am a stern yet empathetic Domme.  Although I push boundaries (safely) I always respect
hard limits. You can feel safe to explore you inner sub in what ever form it takes without

Communication is key.  I provide aftercare by way of gentle affection, a chat and a cuppa
or whatever you need to get back in your real life body and mind. 




60 MIN            Mistress Session              $400

90 MIN            Mistress Session              $570

2 HOUR           Mistress Session              $760

60 MIN           Double Domme                 $780



SQUIRTING  •  $80 


OVERNIGHT SIN - $2500  //  Select slaves only

Whether you are new to the world of submitting to a dominatrix or an experienced submissive Mistress Cyn can readily fulfil your desires and fantasies.
She excels at role-plays and is not afraid to test your limits.
She understands and has empathy for the submissive and will sense when the submissive has reached their limit.
I have had the pleasure of submitting to her on a number of occasions and hopefully will continue to do so .

Your humble servant
I have been seeing Mistress Cyn for the last 9 years. and in that time she has continuatlly grown in skill, command, presense and beauty. In all the Dommes that Ive seen in my time, she has that amazing balance of dominance and playfulness that tu
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